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Enrollment Form & Parents Handbook

​​   How can I Enroll?​​

It all starts with a quick phone call.

We'll check our availabilites for openings and then schedule a 'let's get acquainted' tour of our facilites which also gives us a chance to meet you and introduce you to the staff and teachers that will be serving you. 

To officially enroll we have a enrollment forms that will need to be filled out nad returned.

Call us and we can walk you through the process should you need any help!

Parents Handbook

We have prepared a simple handbook for our parents to refer too, explaining and answering many questions that might arise when beginning the child day care process.

Please feel free to download it and explore it.

Parents Handbook

This is a great place! My son has blossomed and flourished here, and the staff have been incredible. I wish I had known about Kandyland Kids for his older sister a few years ago.  As it is, we hope to have one more child and you can bet he/she will be coming here.

K.G.  Lockport, NY​

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